Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy

30 Dec 2008

by David D. Burns

The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other "black holes" of depression can be cured without drugs. In Feeling Good, eminent psychiatrist, David D. Burns, M.D., outlines the remarkable, scientifically proven techniques that will immediately lift your spirits and help you develop a positive outlook on life. Now, in this updated edition, Dr. Burns adds an All-New Consumer's Guide To Anti-depressant Drugs as well as a new introduction to help answer your questions about the many options available for treating depression.

Pages: 124

Publisher: Harper

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  • I'm sorry to hear that mate :( Are you seeing anyone right now? It's always a good idea to seek professional guidance. If you aren't ready for that yet consider giving this book a read: https://www.amazon.com/Feeling-Good-New-Mood-Therapy/dp/0380810336 One of the most successful treatments for depression is something called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I know for a lot of people seeking help can be extremely difficult; this book will introduce you to some of the techniques used in CBT in private; but honestly it's best to have a professional talking it through with you also.
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  • As one who has had some regrets for a lot longer than desired; let me tell you this: You have time. The twenties for many of us is merely a time of maturing (see: making mistakes) anyway. I will offer up a book recommended by my therapist that made my life better. You have a lot of questions and tendencies as a newly-sober person that are addressed by Dr. Burns. His book helped me feel that "good all over" feeling when your body becomes part of your internal happiness. It took only one chapter- ~50 pages; and with each passing page; I could feel the load I had put on myself lightening. You cannot change the past. You can limit the influence the negatives have on your future. Take heart in the fact that biology explains how alcoholism happens; and happens in families; something many families have known for centuries. Sobriety: Sometimes it's "One Day At A Time". Sometimes it's "One Hour At A Time". Read the book (in print for 20 years; it's in the library) before you go onto any psychotropic drugs. I was able to quit my anti-depressants in well under a year after reading Dr. Burns' work. Remember; every day sober you are saving your life. You don't really know how good a person you are yet; so cut yourself some slack (full-time drinking retards personal development) for a while.
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  • maybe you can learn to. there's a book that could be very useful; and it's basically about learning to identify your thought patterns and see where they're leading you when you start to worry or ruminate on things (really the basics of cognitive - behavioral therapy; also known as CBT). https://www.amazon.com/Feeling-Good-New-Mood-Therapy/dp/0380810336 I
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  • This book will help: Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy https://www.amazon.com/dp/0380810336/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_KuVizb3F99JEX
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  • A really good book for this is Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns. https://www.amazon.com/Feeling-Good-New-Mood-Therapy/dp/0380810336
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  • Ok; thank you. I'll go back and read your comments. So far I read the latest and will respond to your question asking my how a 9 year old could be oppressed by a demon. First of all depression can be caused by a demon; but it also can be caused by a physical condition or emotional issues. So first a depressed person needs to do what they can to take care of their basic physical needs ( fresh air; sun; hydration; shower daily; clean your home or get help cleaning; positive social interaction; exercise; physical contact with a loved one; proper nutrition; at least 6 hours of sleep; etc.) It's unlikely someone whose depressed can do all those things but neglecting these things can cause depression. So if you don't get enough sun; take vitamin d 3. If you have no social circle to support you; try doing volunteer work to be in a group environment that will likely be a positive experience. If you don't sleep well; try napping and ear plugs. Do anything you can to work around the issues in this arena because a doctor can't replace these things with a pill. After making sure you cover the basics of self care as well as you can; get checked for any possible health problem that could cause symptoms if depression. Basically must health problems can cause symptoms or depression. Treat any health problems you have. After you rule out a health problem and are sure you have your basic needs taken care of; you can then address it as possibly a mental illness. Modern medicine really doesn't understand the brain yet. There is no chemical imbalance or test to show depression is a mental illness only. Cognitive therapy seems to work faster than Freudian therapy in that it actually gives you tools to use immediately. At this point I'd recommend reading the cognitive therapy book . I recommended it to correct any irrational negative thinking habits which alone can cause depression like black and white thinking or all-or-nothing thinking. Also read the book beyond feelings: a guide to critical thinking. Without tools to think rationally; you will always be at risk of anxiety and depression. Also; find someone to talk to about your feelings to. Group therapy or one on one therapy would be ideal since family may not be understanding or educated about mental illness. After doing all the above for six months or more you gage whether you are still depressed. If so; then there is a chance you are demonically oppressed. (If you are suicidal at any point; medication may be the quickest solution. It may just be enough to allow you to function well enough to do the things I outlined above. ) If it's demonic oppression; the only solution is to be a righteous Christian. IMO being a righteous Christian involves doing the following everyday: praying to Jesus bible reading verbally accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior verbally rebuking unclean spirits/demons/lucifer/Satan. Example: "By the Blood of Jesus Christ; I rebuke all demons and unclean spirits and command them to leave now and never return in this lifetime or in the afterlife." You always have to use the authority of Jesus Christ to do it. Verbally repenting for your sins and that of anyone in your bloodline all the way back to Adam and Eve verbally breaking curses against you and anyone in your bloodline all the way back to Adam and Eve blessing every door and window of your home every night with olive oil (from a bottle you only use for this purpose and regularly pray over to bless). Touch the doors and windows with a drop of oil like you are anointing them. remove all satanic symbols from the house that you can: fluer delise designs (devils flower); occult books and objects like oujie board; incense; tarot cards etc. Different demons have different ranks so the higher ranked ones are harder to get rid of. As Jesus said in the Bible; some demons won't leave unless you do a water fast. Avoid all activities when possible that lower your the critical faculties of your mind or brings you close to a trance like state. This opens a demonic gateway. Avoid the following activities that are used to deliberately channel demons and can do so even if it's not deliberate: drinking; meditation; chanting; hypnosis; yoga; drugs (pharmaceutical or street variety); chronic sleep deprivation; etc. demons attack people most often when they are falling asleep because their minds are half awake. This is commonly mislabeled as sleep paralysis or - less commonly- alien abduction. Its frequently just demons. Aliens are just demons. If you ever encounter a demon; do not talk to it other than rebuking it in the name of Jesus Christ. This makes them disappear immediately. Demons are fallen angels which are much more powerful and intelligent than us. They are clairvoyant and can trick us easily. Demons will one day try to take our souls by posing as benevolent aliens during end times. The goal is to get our permission by conditioning us to worship science and technology through the media and to reject God and Christianity. They do this through the help of luciferian bloodlines that hold all the top positions of power around the world. That's what the illuminati is. It's a bunch of luciferians networking together and employing supernatural powers given to them by the demons they worship through pedophilia sex rituals and human sacrifice rituals. That's why there are a ton of sex ring scandals that don't lead to arrests when high ranking officials are involved. That's why priests were protected by the Catholic Church after being caught molesting children. This brings us to your question. How can a 9 year-old be demonically oppressed or possessed? I don't believe children are capable of sin until about age 7. But it is possible for children to be possessed. It's more and more common since the 70s which is when the amount of possessions started to explode according to Vatican exorcist priest father Malachi Martin. This is allegedly due to the aliester Crowley; L Ron Hubbard and timothy Leary opening major demonic gateways through books on black magic/satanism; LSD and Scientology ( Santeria for the rich?). The Bible says we inherit the sins of our parents. This is one reason why a 9 year-old can be demonically oppressed or possessed. ** You can also be born into a family bloodline of incest or satanism. Both will demonize you early in life. I believe demons can be transferred through sex. I think this is why rape frequently leads to lifelong depression; anxiety and often suicidal ideation. This is particularly true of victims of pedophilia. This is also why luciferians use sex in rituals. Do children deserve it? Not in my mind. You accuse me of saying that they do. Why? I'm so sorry that you are suffering and feel free to pick my brain if you have any questions. Try to be nice because I have feelings; too. I'll check if I missed any of your comments.
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  • OK; let's start at a good beginning point for someone in your position. Here's a book that helped me. You are almost by definition clinically depressed. So let's try this. The book has been in print for over twenty years; it's probably available in the public library. I read the first chapter (about fifty pages); and it lifted my spirits; gave me hope; and eventually; was responsible for me getting off the anti-depressants I didn't need. If you can be honest with yourself; this book can change the way you look at the fabric of life. And don't get me wrong; I detest self-help books; finding most of them to be the long form of "learn how to lift yourself by the hair". If you are looking for a "starting point' in your search for answers; this book; recommended to my by my therapist; is probably better than most. Let me assure you; from the lofty perch of six decades; that letting a chance for true happiness go by can age you before your time; if your life is irreconcilably dreary and awful. As for the kids; ask yourself this: Would they rather deal with a rough patch and end up with happy Mom; or go on indefinitely with Mom pining eternally for something...even she isn't sure exactly what. Would your sensitive older one like a chance to be treated as a special part of someone's day? You need to find out if the man who cares about you cares about your children. I mean; if I were a single dad looking to take on a partner with my two kids; I would want some assurances from that person -up front- that they like kids; and specifically my kids; well; then it's a non-starter on the grounds of "red zone= dangerous lack of important data". So give the book a minimum of fifty pages (pretty much the first chapter); smile; nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Oh; and the "worrying about fucking up? You're BSing yourself. You're afraid of making an adult decision; and "failing". Or is it succeeding? Do you self-sabotage every time? Give yourself a break; anonymous internet stranger. Mistakes are one of the major ways we learn. Making a mistakes is a learning process. Making the same mistake is making a choice. So stop fearing learning. Now here's what you do. You make arrangements to take your oldest to a fair or arcade or children's museum or some such venue. You and him. Have the man that cares about you already in place inside the venue when you and your boy; who will have his antennae set to maximum gain; you meet him as your old friend from high school. Your familiarity with each other will allay his suspicions. Give each of them a chance to interact; see how it looks. You'll know what you want to do by that point. After that; "nothin' to it but to do it". You do NOT want to end up at 45 years old; wishing; with tears in your eyes; that you had taken that chance fifteen; twenty; twenty-five years ago. Trust...Seriously.
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  • Please read "Feeling Good:The New Mood Therapy" by Dr. David D Burns. This is not a pseudo-scientific self-help books and the author studied medicine from Stanford (if I remember right). The book describes "cognitive therapy" and how it is scientifically proven to be as effective (if not better) at combating depression and anxiety; as an anti-depressive medication. It has a whole chapter on anti-depressants (which you can skip if you like; as it sometimes gets a bit technical) where the author actually addresses all the concerns that you have (seems like a lot of people share your concern). He doesn't really push against having anti-depressants; and says that from his personal experience as a doctor and a psychiatrist; he has seen that anti-depressants can and does help his patients initially in the therapy (expecially if they are severely depressed). He dispels many common myths of anti-depressants. And he also adds that in some cases he has just used cognitive therapy alone.
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  • Hmm. Sounds like a lot of negative bias (...went and got better friends...How do you know?). Unless you suspect/know that as a friend; you haven't had any real practice at making; having and keeping a good friend or two. I've known people who had tons of friends; and were always going off to do something or other in some group or another. That wasn't and isn't me. First things first; let's get rid of the negativity. This book was recommended to me by my therapist. I link it this way so you can read the reviews and an excerpt. It's been in print for over 20 years; so there's definitely something there. I have given several copies as gifts to friends and family. I felt better (in a "Hey! I'm OK! And it's going to get better") -kind of way; after the first section (50 pages). If you can be honest with yourself; you can change the way the life looks. Since it's been in print so long; it's almost definitely at your local library. Oh; and the "being a better friend" part of everything? It will take some concentration; and maybe even some list-making; but; can you picture the person you admire most; because of the way they treat people? That's the template for you. Write down everything that impresses/pleases/surprises you about that person. There's your "personal improvement list". But I'll spot you one. If you want to become closer to someone you've met; ask if there are any "get around to it" projects you could help them with. Shared labor; donating time for a less-than-wonderful task just because you like the person; these are some of the things that cement a friendship. Go out of your way to help the people you really like; ask nothing in return; and come and go from their presence with a smile on your face. You will be thought of as a good person to be around just on those qualities alone. "Cast your bread upon the waters" is the way the Christian Bible puts it Friendship is either stupid easy; or it requires some maintenance; like perennial plants. But as Vince Lombardi said; "Once you set a goal for yourself; the price you pay is immaterial". If you believe you can be a better level of friend; you've got nothing to lose but your loneliness by trying to help yourself attain that goal by changing your worldview; vis-a-vis what it is that makes a "real" friend. If you ask 25 people what makes a good friend; I bet you get 18 different answers. Just find the right ones for you.
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  • If you suspect your mental health is taking a hit; I recommend you seek some advice on coping with depression; stress or anxiety. Learning coping strategies can make the difference between these events and your PhD studies ruining your life or not. If you want to start somewhere by yourself; the book Feeling Good is a good place to start.
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